A Winter’s Yarn

After years, decades, devoted to creating beautiful – and durable! – luxury knitwear for the so-many appreciative customers welcomed to her stores in Brussels, Isabelle Baines ‘closed up shop’. Winding down her boutique and atelier, she found herself left with kilos and kilos of top-quality Italian merino wool in a vast array of alluring colors. What to do?

Well, once bitten by the knitting bug – which goes back to her childhood years – the urge to scratch never ceases. Last year she decided to return to the needle, hand-knitting and crocheting a collection of knitted-hats/bonnets in her own inimitable way, as always the watchwords being comfort, understated style and attention to detail.

The range includes models that may be customized according to customers’ wishes – like that created especially for the Mer du Nord/ Noordzee seafood emporium, or other personalized ‘vintage’ styles.

Stock and delivery time

All our hats are handmade. We have no stock (or very limited).
The hats are knitted when we receive an order.
It takes about 15 days from the time of order to the date of shipment.
Please note that shipping may take an additional 3 to 5 business
days until your package reaches you.